Welcome to the world of WOMEN!

I'm Carmen Dell'Anno creator of the brand I bijoux dell'Anno , born in 2008 with the intention of producing handcrafted jewels for refined, elegant women who love good taste… just like you!

Where does my idea come from?

Since I was a child, I watched my mother getting ready to go out and, with every dress, she always combined a wonderful necklace.

Growing up, I decided to open my own clothing showroom and it happened to me every day to receive requests from my customers on which jewels to match with clothes.

So, in 2008, I decided to give life to " I BIJOUX DELL'ANNO ", my brand of fashion jewels

This business idea of ​​mine was born to finally indulge my marked passion for attention to detail and to transform it into a real reason for living.

In the first years of business I started producing exclusively a bridal line, to accompany my clients on the most important day of their lives.

After a while, thanks also to the many appreciations I received from everyone for my creations and my aptitude for fashion, I decided to focus on making jewels that would embellish women every day, on every occasion.

In fact, I firmly believe that jewels give women an edge and make them feel more beautiful, more precious and more fascinating.

My company

Mine is a Made in Italy artisan company, indeed Made in Naples , and draws its inspiration from the ancient Neapolitan artisan tradition, influenced by the modernity of combinations and materials.

My team is all female also because I believe that women are a force!

Beyond the feminine industriousness, the strengths of my creations are the ability to combine inspiration, creativity and refined materials to be suitable for every use.

My creations

Each of my collections is unique and different from the others because it always goes beyond current trends: the goal is to enhance women and not conform them to habits or tie them to passing fashions.

Over time, I joined various collaborators who allowed me to be able to exhibit my jewels in many stores in central and southern Italy.

The next objectives are to further strengthen the bijoux of the year brand at a national level and cross borders, exporting my personal concept of Made in Italy.